COLFO News Issue 2 – March 2020 and Reasonable Campaign - Update on Court ChallengeCOLFO’s application for judicial review of Stuart Nash’s regulations preventing faircompensation for now prohibited ammunition had been allocated a hearing date in theWellington High Court of 4 & 5 May. However with the Covid19 lock down there is likely tobe a change either in the date of the Hearing and/or the way it is conducted eg. Via videolink. Once there is an update we will advise through our Fair and Reasonable campaigne-mail blasts. Meanwhile we continue to work at assembling expert witnesses evidence.Our lawyers are currently investigating a second claim which has wider implications thanjust ammo. Should this be deemed viable we will let you know. You can follow the progressof the legal action on our Legislation Bill 2019 and SOP 408 The Final CutAt the second reading of the Bill National and Act voted to oppose it. Although NZ Firstvoted to support the Bill through its second reading, they had some serious reservationabout it. During the committee stage of the whole house that followed NZF went into negotiation with Labour to make some changes, the outcome of which has yet to be seen.Meanwhile with parliament in recess due to Covid 19 the whole process is on hold for theforeseeable future.Proposed Increase in licence and other fees announcedThe next piece of work for the lawmakers is the update to Regulations. We expect this toinclude an introduction to some new fees. User pays no doubt. Our expectation is that feesfor applications for permits will be introduced. There will also be a raise in the licensingand renewal of licence fees. These have yet to be announced. We are keeping an eye outthough and will keep in touch on any changes we see on the horizon.Royal Commission Inquiry ReportThe Royal Commission Inquiry report is due on 30 April 2020. Again with the lockdown wecan expect there may be a delay in the presentation of this report. What will be of interestto all though is that now Tarrant has plead guilty to all charges laid against him, there willbe no need to keep the findings of the RCI secret. There was some thought that if he pleadnot guilty, the findings of the RCI would be held back from the public while the trial tookplace. We expect that outcomes relating to matters of national security will be redacted butsee no reason why any other findings should be kept from public scrutiny. We await theCommission’s report with interest.Auditor-General audit of the firearm buy-back schemeOriginally the Auditor General’s report into the running of the firearms “buy-back” scheme was duein February 2020. It was delayed to March 2020. As COLFO writes our newsletter we are at theend of March so expect the report to be delayed a further month, at least. With the lockdown inplace, we would not be surprised if the delay is extended past April 2020.Another data breach and cover up exposedNational MP Shane Reti has exposed another data beach that was covered up by thePrime Ministers Office. He revealed that firearm licence details were among the personaldata breached in the massive Tuia250 digital security failure and the Government kept itsecret.It appears that the Government deliberately withheld publicly advising that firearmslicences were also part of the data leaked. COLFO believes the explanation for the coverup was that it occurred just before the government announced their plan for a full firearmregister.Firearm Prohibition OrdersIn addition to the Police’s call for comment on the governments proposed FPOs, NationalParty Brett Hudson has had his Private Members Bill drawn from the ballot to be includedin this terms parliamentary business. While COLFO agrees in principal with FPOs we dohave concerns that some of the content will be prohibitive against law abiding licencedowners. We have reached out to the National Party offering assistance to formulate arobust FPO that does not impede too greatly on the law abiding.Police RaidsLeading up to the Covid 19 lockdown Police have continued to raid unsuspecting andinnocent LFOs. In the most recent incident a family with a small baby were raided by fourarmed police searching for 4 firearms that their own records should have told them hadbeen handed in. This highlights our already raised concerns about the Police’s ability tomanage firearm records. Please get in touch with us if you have been the subject of a raidwhere armed Police are trying to locate firearms you have already handed in, or armedPolice are in your opinion getting heavy handed. Remember to take names and details ofofficers who come to your home and don’t forget we have some advice on what to do ifyou are raided on our website under the “Resources” heading.COLFO Exposes more Police LiesIn justifying new harsher restriction on shooting clubs and ranges police claimed that theyhad evidence of numerous examples of range safety and noise issues reported by localauthorities. Following Official Information Act requests to all Councils it has been shownthat of the 75 councils that responded only two had received noise complaints and one ofthose was when the range was in use by police out of authorised hours.Please sign up and donate News for May 2020 under downloads