Notes for members from committee 28th July 2020

  • Nationals – confirm will be held on 3rd/4th October at CNIGC in Rotorua.  COF and entry form link attached.  If you are due a refund from Easter we will process this with your new entry.  Next year this event will not be held at Easter “by popular demand”.  We’ll see how popular. Feel free to suggest dates. 
  • Targets – for Nationals an X ring (75 mm) will be added for tie-breaking (non-scoring).  Change to bolt actions has necessitated this.  See how it goes.
  • Pacific Regionals.  Set for November but unlikely Aussies can attend.  News to come.
  • South Island.   NZSRA running an RO course in Christchurch in (probably) September.  Hoping we can form an affiliated club and run competitions.
  • Sika Show 26/27 September at Taupo. NZSRA have a booth – if you are local please come and say hello.