Got some stuff for sale, not new (like in today’s stock new) but will still work:

1) 20gauge shotgun ammo (No Slugs). +-450 rounds different brands: Eley/Scorpio/High Flyer/Fiocchi $15per box of 25

All are for Trap/Skeet/shooting, not buck shot. 

2) Sheldon Bush Lead Shot x 6 bags (12.5kg each), different sizes lead 2-8 it seems (I'm not an expert in this). $100per bag

3) 1 bag of Magnum Pattern Premium Wads (500qty) - 12gauge. $20

4) Shotgun primers (old but will still work):

                              Federal No.209 x 1400. $155

                             Martignoni '58 x 600. $90

                              Alcan 220 Max Fire No. 209 x 400. $60

Or take the lot for: $1150