NZSRA Inc Joining or Renewal
Currently membership of WSRA, ASRA,  or CNIGC includes the  membership fee for NZSRA (i.e. this fee is paid for members by the club).

If you are NOT a current member of one of these clubs you will need to pay your subscription for 2020-21 ($80) directly to NZSRA.

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NZSRA Inc Renewal

Currently membership of WSRA, ASRA or CNIGC includes the $80 membership fee for NZSRA (i.e. this fee is paid for members by the club). In 2020 this has been increased to allow for costs of possible legal action relating to use ot semi-automatic rifles. 

For all other members your subscription is due on 1st April each year.

Membership of NZSRA alone is open to any individual shooter who wishes to keep informed of the sport or who may not be able to attend regular matches in Auckland or Wellington.  Shooters in any of these locations should join the local club – contacts are:

ASRA Inc – P.O.Box 12-450 Penrose Auckland.  Email   Website

WSRA - P.O. Box 39267, Wellington Mail Centre.  Email


Central North Island Gun Club


Other contacts -

In Canterbury contact

I am a current member of NZSRA; I am not a member of ASRA , WSRA, or of CNIGC and need to pay my subscription for 2021-22 direct.

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Yes! I want to rejoin the NZ Service Rifle Association Inc. I have paid $80 to 12-3622-0003971-00 with the reference “myname” and “Sub 21 22” 

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