For people wanting to shoot occasionally or for whom there is no local club - use this.  If you have a local club, join that please.
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The New Zealand Service Rifle Association Inc continues the very old tradition of shooting at targets with military rifles.  Our discipline is between NRA (single shot deliberate shooting) and IPSC (multiple targets and movement), and we now call it Service Rifle shooting.

Service Rifle Shooting

in New Zealand

In 1997, the International Military Arms Society Inc in Auckland, and Wellington Service Rifle Association formed the New Zealand Service Rifle Association Inc. The Service Match Code, was created at this time to provide rules and matches for Service Rifle shooting.  It is now in its fifth edition.

Based on this we hold National Championships and run and attend International competitions.    Our affiliated clubs are in Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua.  Some other clubs around New Zealand also shoot Service Rifle matches as part of their overall programmes.

A summary of the NZSRA’s objectives is:

  • To promote Service Rifle shooting at International, National, and Club level throughout New Zealand.
  • To provide a consistent set of rules and procedures (the Service Match Code)
  • To organise National Championships 
  • To provide a central organising body for other external bodies to refer to.
  • To provide an organisation membership of which would support individual ownership of Service Rifles
  • To create recognition by the NZ Police of Service Rifle shooting as a sport and to recognise it as a legitimate and properly controlled reason for using MSSAs.

We recruit members from shooters who want to shoot their Service Rifles in competition. Benefits include:

  • Eligibility to shoot in competitions organised by the Association
  • Membership provides additional justification for an E endorsement application
  • Supporting the sport of Service Rifle shooting and ownership
  • Range Officer qualifications and assistance to run competitions at your own club
  • Advice on technical matters relating to service rifles
  • The Association is a full member of COLFO, and the membership fee includes COLFO membership and the COLFO levy.  See the COLFO website for details
  • Currently membership of affiliated clubs includes the $80 membership fee for NZSRA; this includes the COLFO levy, and a special levy to provide for legal fees.
  • National Championships are shot each year, currently at Waiouru Military camp at Easter.
  • National Bolt Action Championships are held annually in Auckland
  • We have sent International Teams to suitable matches overseas and the opportunity to participate is open to all members.  International and Services teams attend our Nationals.
  • NZSRA participates in the Pacific Regional Shooting Championships

Membership of NZSRA is open to any individual shooter who wishes to keep informed of the sport and who may not be able to attend regular matches in Auckland, Wellington or Rotorua or environs. 

Shooters in any of these locations should join the local NZSRA affiliated club – whose contacts are:

ASRA Inc– P.O.Box 12-450 Penrose Auckland.  Email

WSRA - P.O. Box 39267, Wellington Mail Centre.  Email

Central North Island Gun Club -

Bay of Plenty Service Rifle Assn -

These clubs shoot only or primarily NZSRA Service Rifle matches from the SMC.

NZSRA Inc - P.O.Box 12-450 Penrose 1642.  Email Website

Non-affiliated clubs that shoot may Service Rifle as part of their programme

Canterbury contact

Rod Rifle and Gun Club - Manawatu

Yes! I want to join the NZ Service Rifle Association Inc.  I have paid $25 to 12-3622-0003971-00 with the reference “myname” and “NM Sub 22 23”

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